Friday, 13 April 2012

Being A.W.O.L...

Hi guys,

              I thought I'd write a post about my mysterious vanishing acts from blogland and a little catch up too. The conditions that wrack my body and test my spirit have been having a field day of late. Days have been spent wracked with pain or I have slept through for 2 or 3 days at a time, literally, not waking at all (not even to relieve my bladder... sorry was that TMI??!! lol), then when I come to, I feel so foggy and confused. I hate this part of the illnesses, it gets me so down, I feel like a failure at not being strong enough to stave of the darkness, I know my family understand but its harder for my little Buster-boo.

            My new physio has stepped in to try and help, drawing up a daily schedule for me to stick to with slight changes every few days. It is really hard for my partner (who is also my full-time carer) as he has to force me to wake, he has to literally sit me up and continuously talk to me until I come to. Sometimes its obvious to him that its not going to work, like when my tea, which he is tentatively trying to help me sip, just dribbles out the side of mouth as I start snoring! lol.. I  have to laugh at such things because i have wasted too many tears to these awful illnesses before.

           But I have now managed 10 straight days without zonking out, which I haven't done in over a year, it's been touch and go but Terry has stuck with it and coaxed me out of my sleep dimension (the only way I can describe it, is like being underwater and being sucked back under each time I break the surface..) everyday. He even managed to get me to church on Sunday - which was a mean feat as I had worn myself out on  Buster-boo's birthday the day before -, which meant so much to me and the icing on the top was that my Buster-boo was chosen to light the Easter candle.

           Easter is a special time for all of us, as Buster-boo was born on Easter and I know he was blessed by the lord to arrive on such a special day. Buster-boo was so proud to be chosen and he couldn't wait to Skype Nanna and tell her that his favourite present was from Rev. Shirley, when she chose him to light the Easter candle.

           I am happy to report that I have even managed to get a handful of cards completed too, including 1 for my Buster-boo's birthday. It'll take me a while to post them all to my blog though, I am so slow when it comes to technology.. lol. I can surf the net and doing some online shopping but that's about it, so you'll have to bear with me.

          OK its time for me to go, my schedule for this week only allows me a half hour of activity every 2 hours, so it's rest time now, which will mean lounging in my recliner watching Buster-boo play Skylanders (his second favourite birthday gift), watching Woo beaver away at her light box working on her Art coursework (which is amazing, I hope to post some pics when she has finished it) and itching to get up and so something, I hate being idol, I feel lazy and laziness is the 'quality' I loath the most after dishonesty, so no doubt I'll be told to "put that magazine down", and "sit back down", grrrrr this is the real hard part for me.. lol..

Love and hugs,

Dawn x

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