Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Saturated Canary: Butterflies.

Hi guys,
If you didn't know already I am a huge fan of  Krista Smith over at Saturated Canary, over on her blog today she has a heart wrenching post about some very special children, please, please, please, follow this link and take a look and see how you can help....  Saturated Canary: Butterflies.:  
Love and hugs
Dawn.W xxx
p.s. please take her banner and repost it on your blog..


June Nelson said...

Hiya hunnie thanks for your lovely comment ,you sound much worse than me me darlin! but today im having another bad day and have to work tomorrow,, I feel for you I really really do, But here M>E and fibro isnt recognised as enough to keep you from work, so im stumped, and just have to get on with it, bless you , hope you get the energy to play with your craft stuff sweetie, mahoosive huggles from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi! I fancy your blog! I nomiated you for a blogger award over on my blog! You can click 'here' to see it.